A lonely murder remains unsolved because public remains silent

Crime Stoppers: Reginald Joseph murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A dark, quiet street on a chilly winter morning in Baton Rouge was the scene of one of the last murders of 2014 and unfortunately, the street is not the only thing that is quiet right now.

December was a busy month for homicides, the third busiest month of the year. The holiday season saw six murders in all, including the one in the 100 block of North 18th Street on December 13.

Reginald Joseph was driving in his car when another vehicle pulled up next to him. Det. Sherri Harris with the Baton Rouge Police Department was out at the scene that early morning.

"The vehicle was actually stopped in the middle of the roadway," Harris said. "It appeared that he knew the subjects who pulled up alongside of him. He stopped the vehicle as if to stop and talk."

Whomever it was, however, was not there to talk. He didn't even have time to roll down his window before bullets started flying. Joseph died right there in the street.

Almost nine months since the killing, no one has been arrested because detectives are not getting much help.

"Houses, businesses in the area, it was unfortunate there wasn't much cooperation from the public," Harris added.

It is a story heard far too often with many of these stories - a lack of involvement. The other horribly heartbreaking familiar storyline is that there are more children now growing up without a father. The victim had two kids.

"It's an ongoing situation. The cycle is going to continue as long as we have cases like this when these children are having parents taken away from them thanks to violence on the streets," Harris explained.

Detectives said Joseph was ambushed by gunfire, but they will never know for certain until they get that phone call. The street may be quiet, but the community doesn't have to be.

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