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Billboard remembers Baton Rouge officer killed ten years ago

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Baton Rouge Police detective Terry Melancon was killed on duty ten years ago.

A billboard along the Baton Rouge interstate system remembers his life and service to the community. 

Melancon was a four-year veteran of the Baton Rouge Police Department. He had joined the Narcotics Division in July 2004. 

Melancon was simply serving a search warrant on a home in Capital Heights when he was shot and killed on August 10, 2005. He died at the scene.

His family posts a memorial billboard every year. His dad said Terry was born for the job of public servant.

"He always helped the underdogs for some reason. The people that were hurting and needed help," said Terry Melancon, Sr. "We've heard many many stories how he did that all through life that we didn't even know and didn't hear about it until after he had passed."

Vicki and Terry Melancon say the billboard has a bible scripture on it because their son was a devoted Christian.

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