Walker City Council approves rules for police body cameras

Walker City Council approves rules for police body cameras

WALKER, LA (WAFB) - Walker Police now have guidelines for using their body cameras, including when they should be turned on and how long the recordings will be kept.

The Walker City Council unanimously approved the measures on camera regulations at their meeting Monday night.

Walker Police will keep the recordings from the cameras for at least three years, but the video could be kept longer if being used for a case or training. Also, officers are expected to record all interactions with civilians.

City leaders say it is a big step for Walker.

"If you're in the right, you've got something solid to back up on," said Michael Cupit, Walker City attorney. "Municipalities and jurisdictions which have implemented these, where you usually have people plead not guilty because the officer says one thing and the offender says something different, well now all you have to do is turn around and turn the film on and it's like 'There's what happened.'"

The Walker Police Department was the first to get body cams in Livingston Parish back in early May.

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