Treasurer Kennedy: Lawmakers used 'smoke and mirrors' to balance budget

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana treasurer said he doesn't think lawmakers will ever find a long-term fix to the state's money problems.

On Thursday after a forum with the candidates running for governor, Treasure John Kennedy said lawmakers don't have their priorities in order. He said right now Louisiana takes in more money than ever before, but the state is still broke.

Kennedy said we're in this mess because for the past seven years, the state has spent more money than in is taken in.

"Well, how did they balance the budget you say? We read in the paper that the budget is balanced" said Kennedy. "It's balanced and was balanced on paper, but they used smoke and mirrors and every accounting trick imaginable."

Kennedy said when Governor Jindal took office seven years ago, he asked the governor to work with him to find a long-term budget fix. But instead, he said the governor politely told him "no."

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