DEA agent address prescription drug epidemic to Baton Rouge group

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A local drug enforcement agent spoke to the Rotary Club of Baton Rouge Wednesday about prescription drugs becoming the new drug of choice in the Capital Area.

Terry Davis with the DEA said the agency's number one goal is to make sure prescription drugs are used properly and are kept out of the black market.

The DEA has a nationwide task force helping bust people selling pills, but Davis said charging people for these drugs is not easy.

"It's a little bit harder when you talk about prescription drugs, because you're trying to convince a jury that something that on its face is legal to possess was done in an illegal manner," said Davis. "It's a little easier when you're talking about someone with crack in their pocket, but when you're talking about prescription drugs, it's a little bit more difficult and takes a lot more homework."

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