Mayor Holden: Baton Rouge could bid to host Miss USA again

BATON ROUGE, LA (AP) - After a successful first year, the second year hosting the Miss USA Pageant was surrounded with controversy, but it is possible Baton Rouge could host the event for a third year.

Mayor Kip Holden said the city could very well put in a bid to host the 2016 pageant. That comes after a year where controversial statements by the organization's owner Donald Trump led to decreased ratings.

Even so, Holden said that did not reflect negatively on the host city, where contestants and their families received good Southern hospitality and in turn deposited a good amount in the city's bank account.

"We didn't lose no ton of money like what has been described. We stayed even and at the same time we still got publicity that otherwise we would not get," said Holden.

Baton Rouge and other state agencies planned to give more than half a million dollars to the event. However one of those agencies, Visit Baton Rouge said they are not sure whether they will make any payments to the organization.

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