OUR TURN - Body Cameras

. - (Air: Tuesday 08/04/15)

It's a shame we live in a world where we have to talk about putting body cameras on police officers, but that is where we live.

The indictment of an Ohio police officer for murder last week reminds us of the value of these cameras. The senseless murder of a Memphis policeman over the weekend reminds us of why officers must be hair-trigger ready to defend themselves.

Many communities around Baton Rouge have moved quickly to equip their officers with this body camera technology. The City of Baton Rouge has not. The Metro Council debated the issue, but they fell short of a plan that would get the job done quickly. We urge Metro Council members to reconsider. We've seen in other communities how a single tragic incident has led to even more violence and sewn distrust between the police and the community lingers for years. We don't have that here now and we think the body cameras are a reasonable investment to insure that Baton Rouge does not find itself in that situation in the future.

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