Donations help USS Kidd bring back museum's radar array

Donations help USS Kidd bring back museum's radar array

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The USS Kidd will see improvements due in part to donors and community partners.

The radar arrays at the top of the Kidd's mast will spin again, thanks to McKinney Fleet and Barge Services of Baton Rouge.

"McKinney has been involved with the Kidd for decades," said USS Kidd Ship Superintendent Tim NesSmith. McKinney provided the means for other historic vessels to come to Baton Rouge, like the HMS Bounty and the Golden Hinde.

NesSmith estimated that the cost of the crane needed to complete the radar repairs at the KIDD would have cost about $28,000.

"The Kidd has always been an important part of our family," said Captain Andy McKinney, whose grandfather founded KcKinney Fleet & Barge. "We're just pleased to be able to lend a hand and continue the tradition started by my grandfather."

A donation of over $2,000 from the Henson Moore Endowment Fund covered the initial cost of repairs.

More information about the USS Kidd can be found on their website HERE.

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