COPY-The Investigators: DPW employees reassigned back to cutting grass after report

A Department of Public Works employee is back to cutting grass after The Investigators followed him for a full work-day and noticed seven of his eight hours were spent driving or sitting around.

Sylvester Selvage said he was reassigned from cutting the grass around pump stations back in December to the DPW lot on Chippewa. He said he was basically wasting the taxpayer dollars there by driving or sitting around most of the day.

"Just going there and having fun. To me, that's what it is," said Selvage in an earlier interview. "A waste of the taxpayer dollars that I'm just riding like that when I could have been doing what I was doing that the taxpayers are paying for keeping those pump stations clean."

DPW Interim Director Carrie Chauvin said back then they had two people over cutting grass in the entire parish, saying that was enough. However, Selvage said Wednesday that he and another person were reassigned back to grass cutting.

"I've done on this day more than I've done in the past two months, but the reason for that is when they moved us to the other location there wasn't much we could do but ride around when they vacated our jobs," said Selvage. "We had work to do here which now, we're back to the work but there's so much to do. The stations are far behind. All of them are overgrown and far behind and we're doing our best to catch up with them."

"We're here to serve the citizens of Baton Rouge and at the current time, we had personnel that was reassigned to take care of the taxpayers to make sure their needs are met be it grass cutting, sewer or whatever it may be," said Director of Environmental Services Karin Khonsair, Selvage's manager.

Selvage said this reassignment is only temporary until December to keep up with the growing grass because of all the rain in the area.

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