Saints GM addresses decision to release Junior Galette

Saints GM addresses decision to release Junior Galette

White Sulphur Springs, WV - Last week the New Orleans Saints released Junior Galette and on Wednesday General Manager Mickey Loomis addressed the situation.

"It is a hard decision and certainly there are a lot of variables involved," Loomis said. "The financial aspect is certainly one of them.  Ultimately we made the decision that the best thing for our team going forward is to part ways with Junior Galette."

"He did a lot of great things for us over the last five years (and was) a really productive player.  He came a long way from being an undrafted free agent to being a starter on our team and look we haven't forgotten that either.  It was a very tough decision and there were a lot of variables involved but it was a decision that we made with the best interest in our team."

Loomis was very disappointed with how the situation transpired, but said, "it's what it is and we can't turn the clock back. We have to make decisions with our eyes going forward so that is what we have done."

When asked if the comments made by Galette after he was released by the team validated his decision, the Saints GM answered, "I think you always have to keep in mind that is emotional for a player, particularly an accomplished player to be told he is not wanted anymore."

"I understand the emotion.  Obviously we prefer and I would think it would be in his best interest to not let that emotion come out publicly but it is what it is.  I wish Junior (Galette) the best.  I hope that he finds a new place and he is successful.  Look he is a patient player, Sean (Payton) said it the best, he is a patient player that gives everything he has on the field and we appreciated what he did for us on the field over the last five years.  But I understand the emotion."

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