DA says dismissal of LSU QB Anthony Jennings' case 'a likely possibility'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU head football coach Les Miles entertained a packed house Wednesday afternoon at the Stadium Club South in Tiger Stadium, addressing a number of topics concerning the upcoming 2015 season. When the subject of embattled junior quarterback Anthony Jennings came up, Miles jokingly spoke directly to one key member of the audience.

"And Hillar Moore, I swear. I am right with you, I am right with you," Miles said to the East Baton Rouge District Attorney, as laughter slowly built to a loud crescendo. "And as we have always operated, I am on your schedule. You tell me what you need to tell me and I will operate accordingly. I promise."

Jennings was arrested and charged with unauthorized entry of a dwelling on June 18. He has been suspended from all LSU team activities since, such as weightlifting and conditioning, along with 7 on 7 passing drills. Miles appeared on national platforms last week and indicated a positive end to Jennings situation was coming soon, although the quarterback hasn't escaped his legal entanglement yet. Will the case be dismissed soon?

"I think that's a likely possibility, but again, I haven't read the transcript," Moore told reporters after the Rotary Club event. "I've seen the video and audio, very hard to understand. I want to know exactly, what was said initially to the officers, that initially led to the arrest."

Moore added that he expected to receive the transcripts Tuesday, but still hadn't obtained them. The media interest in the case also appears to have influenced the process.

"If this were just a regular, routine case, without football or sports being involved, it could've been resolved prior to now, but because of this," Moore added, glancing down at all the television microphones. "I'm taking a little bit more of a time to take a look at it, to make sure I get it right.

"Because, I want to be able to explain why I did what I did, and you're going to want to know and everyone is going to want to know. As you all know, everything I do or say, I'll be right 50% and I'll be wrong the other 50%. It's not an easy decision, I don't like the position I'm in, but that's my job."

Once the laughter stopped and the crowd filed out, coach Miles spoke more seriously on the matter.

"I'm a tremendous supporter of what he does," Miles said. "I realize the legal process takes its direction. And we will follow, thereafter I promise. That's not an issue in any way."

When asked if Jennings' situation would be settled before the start of fall camp next week, Miles was uncertain.

"Again, timing is not my say," he said.

Moore also relayed that the alleged victim in the case "didn't want any charges filed in the first place" and also said "I'd like the charges dismissed." Regardless, there's been a little too much purple and gold in the police blotter.

"Unfortunately it seems something happens every year. And it gets frustrating not only to me, but the coaching staff," Moore said.

"Again, he knows me well enough to know I support him in everything he does. No matter what it is," Miles said of Moore.

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