Lutcher's Ben St. Pierre unselfish on and off the field

Lutcher's Ben St. Pierre unselfish on and off the field

LUTCHER, LA (WAFB) - Ben St. Pierre of the Lutcher Bulldogs, who could play as many as four different positions this season, is one of the most unselfish players you'll ever find on the football field, according to his head coach.

"That's a skill player who's going to play on the line," said Tim Detillier. "He's going to change his number and is happy to do it. That's very rare in this day and time. It's hard to recruit a guy that has the skills and the attitude like that. I wish I had 22 of those."

In addition to playing football, he's also a volunteer firefighter in the community.

"My uncle was in the department when he was younger," said St. Pierre. "I always thought it was cool. When I turned 15, I went and joined the junior department, and I'm working my way up right now."

Detillier even recalls several times when St. Pierre couldn't reach his parents to check him out, and the coach would excuse him instead to fight fires.

"He's passionate about it," said Detillier. "He's not just doing it just to be doing it. He really loves being a fireman."

"I always like to help people and do whatever I can for my community," said St. Pierre. "It really is physically demanding just like football, and it carries over."

So if you're looking for St. Pierre this fall and don't see him on the sidelines, just follow the sirens. It doesn't get more unselfish than that.

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