OUR TURN: Mentally Ill Access to Guns

. - Air: Tuesday, July 28.

We've all had the opportunity to learn about two extremely promising young women -- Mayci Breaux and Jillian Johnson. We owe it to them, their family and friends to take all reasonable steps to at least minimize the number of mass shootings that occur in the future.

This script has become all too familiar. Mentally ill people have rights, but people who are as sick as John Russell Houser was should not be able to buy guns. Polling has consistently shown that we overwhelmingly agree on that. Even NRA members agree on that, yet states are very uneven in identifying the people whose names should be added to the federal database used for background checks. Texas has been applauded for adding more than 250,000 names to the database. Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama are among the states considered to be the worst performing.

The other issue is treatment for people who are mentally ill, and our state lags behind on the measure also. We need to step up and show these families that Mayci and Jillian matter to all of us.

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