Whoa!! Slow down there workaholic!

Whoa!! Slow down there workaholic!

WASHINGTON, DC (WAFB/AP) - More and more these days, Americans are working longer hours and their requirements at work are increasing.

How's that midnight oil these days? Burning a lot of it? That candle with the wick on both ends is getting shorter by the day isn't it? Well you're not alone.

Check out these statistics released from the Labor Department. On average, Americans logged 7.8 hours on the days they worked in 2014. That may not seem like a lot, but it is up from 7.6 hours in 2013. That's according to the American Time Use Survey.

Men worked an average of 8.12 hours a day, while women spent 7.27 hours working. That disparity is largely due to a greater likelihood of women working part-time, according to the Labor Department.

Now, even though Americans spent a lot of time on the job because employers are demanding more and more, they also found more time to chill out, apparently. Some did, anyway. What were they doing when they were chilling?

Watching TV, apparently. An average of nearly three hours a day was spent in front of the TV, according to the survey. That's good news for the TV business.

It turns out men spent only a fraction of that time exercising, though. Just 30 minutes was spent working out.

So, more time working and relaxing must mean less time sleeping, right? Nope. In fact, Americans slept more than they did anything else in 2014. They snoozed an average of 8.8 hours a day, making some people very jealous of those non-sleep-deprived.

While we're at it, let's talk work around the home. The gender gap remains when it comes to housework. The survey found that on an average day, 20 percent of men did housework, like cleaning or laundry, compared with 49 percent of women. Men, however, were slightly more likely to do the yard work: 11 percent of men did it on an average day compared with 8 percent of women.

This is just some food and numbers for thought as you keep working for the man, watching more TV and sleeping the day away.

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