Franklin community attends funeral of Lafayette theater shooting victim

Family, friends, community say final goodbyes to Lafayette theater shooting victims
Family and friends enter church for funeral of Mayci Breaux. (Source: James Sparvero/WAFB)
Family and friends enter church for funeral of Mayci Breaux. (Source: James Sparvero/WAFB)

FRANKLIN, LA (WAFB) - Despite the sunshine, Monday was a dark day in St. Mary Parish as family and friends said their heartfelt goodbyes to a young woman who had her future tragically cut short Thursday night by a gunman inside a Lafayette theater.

21-year-old Mayci Breaux was Franklin's treasure. Now, that treasure is buried.

As fast as the speeding bullet that took her life, Mayci Breaux is gone and her hometown will never be the same.

"We've never had such a disaster," said Rev. Susan Pugh of the First United Methodist Church of Franklin.

Rev. Pugh grew up in Franklin. Her church is just across the street from where Breaux's funeral took place Monday. By the kindness of her heart, Rev. Pugh opened her parking lot to the Breaux family and friends. She also handed out bottled water.

"We have opened up our parking lot for anyone who wants to come and just mourn with the family," said Rev. Pugh.

The tragedy is also attracting goodwill from out of town.

"That's the whole purpose of us being here, to let people know that God loves them," said Michael Wayne Clark, Chaplain Coordinator with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team.

Clark comes from Northern Alabama. He's been in South Louisiana since Friday with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. The chaplains travel across the world to comfort people in times of terrible tragedy. They met with Mayci Breaux's parents Sunday night.

"Sometimes there are no words that we can share that brings comfort, but we know that God's word does," said Clark.

That sense of comfort is hard to find in the small Franklin community right now as friends and loved ones say goodbye one final time. They remember a young woman, who can no longer see just how precious her community thought she was.

"That is what community is all about," said Rev. Pugh. "That we stick together and we pray together. And their lives will be going on because God's going to help them."

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