Power of Prayer: Kathleen Pourciau

Power of Prayer: Kathleen Pourciau
Kathleen Pourciau and her daughter Bonnie Kate Pourciau-Zoghbi (Source: Kathleen Pourciau's Facebook)
Kathleen Pourciau and her daughter Bonnie Kate Pourciau-Zoghbi (Source: Kathleen Pourciau's Facebook)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There's a hymn that Kathleen Pourciau learned as a young girl.

"Trust and obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey" Kathleen hummed.

Now, years later, Kathleen said the words "trust and obey" are a daily reminder of how she aspires to live her life and her walk with God. It's a life with big, difficult events and big, bountiful blessings.

Her love of photography is one of those blessings, but she admits that until recently, she hadn't picked up a camera in a few years. Her grandfather, a missionary who traveled the world, helped show her the ropes of picture taking. He was a man she dearly loved.

Love is a theme that runs deep in her family.

Her grandmother Kathleen Mills and her mom Kathleen Mills Davis instilled in Kathleen a deep love of God and family.

"I knew from the time I was nine, and I mean I knew that God was good," she said.

By all accounts, it's a foundation she's passed on to her own large family. Try giving her the slightest bit of praise though and she will humbly deflect it, giving all the credit to God.

Her eldest child, BonnieKate, who was thrust into the media spotlight after being severely injured in the Colorado movie theater massacre, is quick to point out how she's survived the ordeal.

"God's faithfulness. His love and mercy," said BonnieKate, who will likely be recovering from the bullet wounds that shattered one of her knees for the rest of her life.

"I didn't realize how hard it would be," said Kathleen. "The crisis prayers are intense, but this isn't a season, this is her life. That's a different kind of hard."

Through it all, Kathleen said they have "had the sense that God's got us. He's got us!"

It doesn't mean bad things won't happen. They will.

"We live in a broken world, but we have a wise and loving God who takes care of us," Kathleen said "Psalm 121 talks about God being our keeper and our refuge."

Kathleen learned at 9 just how broken a world we live in. Her father, uncle and grandfather were murdered doing missionary work in Brazil. Her grandfather, John Davis, was already in South America and needing help, called on his sons to join him.

Mallory Davis, Kathleen's father, and his brother were killed instantly. Her grandfather held on for a matter of days, grieving the great loss of two sons, who left wives and lots of children.

How did Kathleen's mom react? Suddenly widowed at 29 with six children and living in Zachary, she made sure she got a message to her husband's father before he died, knowing he felt responsible.

"I loved the man he raised, that he would be a man who would go to his father's side and help him. No regrets. I am not bitter. I'm thankful for the man  got to love," Kathleen's mom said.

Seeing that example of love encourages Kathleen to rely on her faith and the power she finds in prayer, to trust and obey.

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