Lafayette community pays respects to theater shooting victims

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Many Lafayette natives are still grieving over the loss of 33-year old Jillian Johnson and 21-year old Mayci Breaux.

The public left flowers out by Johnson's business, Red Arrow, and in front of the Grand Theater. Others reflected on the person Johnson was.

"She cared about the homeless people. She planted fig trees," said Johnson's neighbor Rhonda Dickerson. "Hanging over the fence just so that they could reach and get the figs."

"I would describe Jillian as a force," said Meredith Johnson "A force musically, emotionally, and a force with her involvement in the community."

Johnson and 21-year Mayci Breaux were shot and killed by John Houser ,when police say he stood up in the middle of a "Trainwreck" showing and started shooting at the Grand Theater in Lafayette on Thursday night.

A lot of questions still unanswered and even more hearts broken. One of the only things people can do now is hold on to her memories. And just like Johnson's shop, Red Arrow, people here will hope the future will only point up.

The Governor's office has set up official donation services. More information on those can be found HERE.

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