Mother loses all three children to Baton Rouge homicides

Mother loses all 3 children to Baton Rouge homicides

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - They say there's nothing worse for a parent than losing a child.

46-year-old Pearl Heard knows that from experience not once, but three times. She has lost all three of her sons.

"I am tired of losing all my kids to the streets," said Heard.

Heard is the mother of 28-year-old Terrell Heard. The Baton Rouge Police Department said he was one of two people shot and killed in a drive-by shooting Saturday night on Brice St.

As of Wednesday afternoon, investigators still have yet to identify a shooter.

"No motive, no suspect," said Cpl. Don Coppola with BRPD.

"He got his life together, right at the end, working at City Club, taking care of his baby," said Heard speaking of her slain son, Terrell.

With tears in her eyes, Heard was ready Wednesday to revisit the site of his death and also her other two sons.

"I'm going to go to every scene to find out what needs to be done to find the killer who killed my kids," said Heard.

First, her son Barry was killed. He was just 19 when police say he was gunned down on S. 15th St in 2008.

"Someone called him to the car, he walked back. That's when they shot him," said Heard.

Then, her son Telly was killed four years later in 2012. Police say he was 21 when a shooter gunned him down just a few blocks away on S. 10th St.

"It's all the same to me. I've been through it once. And I know how to deal with the other ones," said Heard.

Arrests were made in the cases of Barry and Telly, but Heard thinks police nabbed the wrong men. She fears the real killer is still out there.

And even more chillingly, it's possibly the same person killed all three of her sons.

"I'm afraid for my life because I don't know if someone is after me," said Heard.

The tragedy of the Heard family is a painful reminder that while Baton Rouge Police say they're doing all they can to find the killers in all open investigations, they still need the help of the public.

"That piece of information that someone may have, they may be holding, they may be scared to come forward, please don't be," said Cpl. Coppola.

"Life goes on, but I just don't know how to begin," said Heard.

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