Who Killed Jacoby Kimber?

On May 22nd of 2004, Lt. Vickie Wax of the Baton Rouge Police Department was shot and killed as she tried to stop a shoplifter.  You may not remember, though, there was another murder that day, and that one has not been solved. In this week's Crime Stoppers report, the story of a young life lost.

It was at the intersection of Greenwell Springs Road and Victoria Drive, near Airline Highway, that a single gun shot would claim a young life. 15-year-old Jacoby Kimber, riding in a car with four of his friends, stopped at a stop light.

According to BRPD's Detective Ross Williams, "Another vehicle was alongside them. Some words were exchanged between the two cars and a shot was fired from the other vehicle."

Jacoby, sitting in the front passenger seat, was hit. The shooting happened around four in the morning. His mother remembers being awakened by a neighbor with the news.

"She said, you need to wake up. She said, I just heard that Jacoby had been shot. You need to get up and get over there to the hospital."

Jacoby was taken to Earl K. Long Hospital, but that single shot was to the head, he didn't make it. Obviously his mother wants some answers. The four friends in the car with Jacoby haven't been able to provide police with much to go on.

"They know something," insists Jacoby's mother, Cleola Kimber.  "How can one person in their car get shot and the rest of them didn't get hurt or anything? It's not right, somebody knows something."

Greenwell Springs, near Victoria, where this shooting happened, is a busy stretch of road. Police and family alike believe somebody out there saw something. Their hope now is that those people will stand up and help out.

"We believe there might have been somebody else in this intersection that may have seen something, that might know something, that hasn't come forward yet," says Ross.

Jacoby was close to his family. His grandmother, Rebecca Williams, has 14 kids, 60 grandkids and 40 great-grandkids. That's a lot of grieving people, looking for an explanation.

"I do know somebody knows," says Williams.  "He was all around and everybody knows him, everybody around here knows him."

As a parent, you worry that your child may get in an car accident while out on the road, or maybe get a speeding ticket. You shouldn't have to worry about him being shot, from what police say, simply looks like an exchange of words at a stop light.

Some nights I can sleep, some nights I can't," says Kimber.  "Some days I can sleep, some days I can't. If it wasn't for the good lord and my family, I don't know where I'd be right now."

What she does know is that her child is gone.  All she wants now, is to know why.  If you think you can help Baton Rouge police, call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP.  You can remain anonymous and may also be eligible for a 1,000 dollar reward.

Reporter:  Matt Williams