Money Monday: Energy saving tips in summer heat

Money Monday: Energy saving tips in summer heat

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Entergy customers are feeling the effects of the summer heat in their electric bills.

"If they can raise their thermostat to 78 degrees, they'll save money," Tom Peters with Entergy Louisiana said.

Peters says using ceiling fans and CFL light bulbs instead of regular bulbs can also save customers money. There is also a program available to help people save cash long term.

"Entergy Solutions is an incentive program offered to Entergy customers to help provide them money and participating contractors to do energy efficiency improvements on their home," Alex Scott with Entergy Solutions said.

Through the program, it is free for home owners to work with a contractor to assess their house. Entergy Solutions will check attic space, door frames and air pressure among other potential spots that could lead to wasted energy and a higher electric bill.

The experts say air conditioning units are like cars. They need tune-ups every once in a while. In some cases, the Entergy Solutions program will offer participating customers $150 to help offset maintenance costs.

"You'll see over the next five, ten, fifteen years… significant savings on your energy bill," Scott said.

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