Teens experiment with forensics at EBR library

Local teens got crash course in crime scene forensics

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Dusting for finger prints may look easy on TV shows like CSI and NCIS, but as Baton Rouge teens discovered Monday, it is not that easy in real life.

"We were somewhat successful," said Hope Burnett, one of the participants. "We could see where the finger printers were. They were a little bit smudged."

The Main Library on Goodwood Blvd. held a Forensics 101 course as part of their summer program. Ashley Eisworth, the teen programming librarian at the library, created the class after she took a group of teens on a field trip to the Baton Rouge Crime Lab.

"Obviously they're going to want to be able to do that themselves after they've seen that, so this was my way of doing that in a low-tech way," said Eisworth.

As part of the class, the teens did ink chromatography, observed a crime scene and had to remember details, and even served as witnesses to a fake crime.

One of the teens was selected to be a purse snatcher and the other teens, who played witnesses to the crime, had to pick who did it from a lineup.

This is just one of many courses that the library held over the summer. They also have had classes on arts and crafts, a murder mystery party, and a video game competition.

"We had an author come in and do a writers workshop. We had an author come in and do a reading," said Eisworth. "We do everything."

"I really like doing the activities and doing different sorts of stuff that I wouldn't get to do on my own," said Burnett.

Eisworth said the classes are important because they allow the students learn about all the opportunities the library has to offer.

"The library truly is a cultural hodgepodge. We have different races, different religions, different socioeconomic conditions," Eisworth said.

The full list of summer programs can be found on the library's online calendar.

Library teen programs take place at other branches as well and continue on the weekends throughout the school year.

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