Gov. Jindal up in presidential polls in Iowa, mixed numbers nationally

Gov. Jindal up in presidential polls in Iowa, mixed numbers nationally

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Speaking to voters in Iowa over the weekend and also Monday, Governor Bobby Jindal is repeating what he has said before about the race for the White House. He's in it to win it.

"I think as Americans we need to stop the hyphenated-Americans and the divisions," Gov. Jindal told voters Saturday at the 2015 Family Leadership Summit in Ames, IA.

Back in Louisiana Monday, campaign manager Timmy Teepell pointed to a new survey showing the governor gaining a lot of ground on the GOP field in Iowa.

"The campaign is going great," said Teepell.  "Crowds are getting bigger."

Monmouth University's poll, which was released Monday, said his image growth has outpaced every other candidate.

"The momentum's growing and we're pumped about it," said Teepell.

However, another poll tells a different story. The latest FOX News survey, released last week, showed a drop in the governor's already last place numbers nationally. He's now polling less than one percent.

"And that's a major disappointment because traditionally when a candidate announces for president, they usually get a two or three point bump in the polls. The governor didn't get to experience that," said Jeremy Alford, editor of

But what he is experiencing is a lot of time out of Louisiana. Jindal is also campaigning in other key battleground states like New Hampshire and South Carolina.

On Monday, some of the people around the Capitol said they would not vote for him.

"I may change my mind, but I've been a little disappointed in his last couple of years," said Betty Thomas of Baton Rouge.

"I probably would not vote for him considering some of the things that happened here in the state, budget-wise, the raiding of certain funds," said Roger Pinion, also of Baton Rouge.

Poll numbers are critical at this point in the race. They will determine the top ten candidates who get in to two big national debates on CNN and FOX News.

Gov. Jindal is running behind the cutoff point. However, he will likely still get a chance to debate. FOX will televise an afternoon debate special August 6 for all Republicans outside the top ten.

"This is going to be a long campaign. It's not going to be decided by the establishment in D.C. It's not going to be bought by the richest candidate. It's going to be an earned nomination," said Teepell.

Contrasting the latest FOX poll, an ABC News/Washington Post survey released Monday showed Gov. Jindal rising in its poll.

The governor notched a two percent in the ABC poll, ranking 12th in the GOP field.

Teepell said Gov. Jindal will return to Louisiana Wednesday and will stay through the weekend before jetting off to New Hampshire. A candidate forum will be held in New Hampshire on August 3.

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