Pennington hopes to help kids get active with 'Play Streets'

Pennington hopes to help kids get active with 'Play Streets'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It is being billed as a way to keep kids safe and promote outdoor and physical activity.

Saturday, the Pennington Biomedical and other local organizations launched the pilot version of Play Streets.

The idea is to close off a neighborhood street or section of a street on a regular basis to give kids the chance to play in a space where they usually would not be able to.

Dr. Robert Newton, Assistant Professor at Pennington Biomedical, hopes that this will get more kids off of the couch and make them interact with other kids.

"Get the kids off the couch, to get kids away from the sedentary behavior, and get them out around other children that they can get to know and to get them to play more," says Newton. "And so this is a collaboration between Pennington Biomedical, BREC, ExxonMobil and the neighborhood. So the Brookstown neighborhood wanted this kind of event and so they supplied many of the activities that are going on here today."

Pennington hopes the program continues to grow to where neighborhoods can do the most of it on their own.

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