YOUR TURN: Entergy Power Outages

Air: Friday, July 17, 2015

This week’s “Your Turn” segment goes to Sterling Kidder. Kidder and many others commented about our story on the investigation into all the power outages we’ve had recently.
Some people blame Entergy, but Kidder thinks the weather is more to blame.
In his words: It's pretty much common sense. Excessive storms and rain have caused trees to fall. Even several days after a storm, the ground is so saturated that the trees have been falling over. Entergy employees have been working 16 hour days the past 3-4 months. And the guys I know who work for Entergy are tired of working it. I'm an arborist and have been extremely busy this year with the storms. If a hurricane would've hit, it would have been a total nightmare with the saturated ground.

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