The Investigators: Carfax app tests for recalls

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An estimated 700,000 vehicles are driving around on Louisiana's roads with open recalls, according to the experts at Carfax. The company is the leading authority on vehicle history reports.

"There's a staggering number of cars with open recalls in the state of Louisiana," said Chris Basso, a representative with Carfax.

Basso found numerous vehicles with open recalls during the survey of a shopping center parking lot in Baton Rouge.

Basso used the myCarfax app which is available for smart phones and tablets. The app allows you to simply enter your license plate number and immediately get access to your vehicle's open recalls.

The latest airbag recalls plus others appeared numerous times throughout the survey.

"This is actually for a fuel pump module leak so that is a fire issue," said Basso about one driver's car. "If this part fails, it could result in a fire in your minivan."

Numbers from Carfax reveal one out of every three minivans and one out of every four SUVs have open recalls. Basso said those are family cars and could put an entire family at risk.

"Vehicles that we're taking our kids to school and to soccer practice every day have the highest chance for unfixed recalls," he said. "It really underscores the importance for everybody, especially those with families to stay on top of the recalls on their vehicles and do the smart thing get them in and get them fixed right away."

If you'd like to try myCarfax, you can download the app for free in your App Store or check out their website.

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