Large alligator interrupts golf game in broad daylight

PATTERSON, LA (WAFB) - Why did the alligator cross the green at hole six? To get to the lake at hole eight, of course!

Bill Marin was golfing on July 9, 2015 at the Atchafalaya Golf Course at Idlewild in Patterson, La. when an unexpected visitor interrupted his golf game.

A large alligator sauntered across the green, apparently without a care in the world.

In comments made on the Facebook post, Mr. Marin said after he stopped the video, he walked closer to the alligator and she just stopped, laid down and waited for him to get back to his ball. Then she continued walking to the lake in the middle of the course.

"I have filmed this one several times...pretty sure she is the big female that has been on nests the past two years...she is very healthy," said Mr. Marin on his Facebook page.

Unfortunately, Mr. Marin did not make the putt. He said "[I] kept lookin' over my shoulder!"

Drew Falgout, an employee at the Atchafalaya Golf Course, says there are three alligators at the course, and a lot of babies. However, she said, the gators have never walked across the course like this, and they usually stay to the banks of the lakes.

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