OUR TURN: Uniform For Kids

Air: Tuesday, January 14, 2015

Can you imagine being the only kid in your class who is not wearing a school uniform? This can have a devastating impact on the self-esteem of a young child. To make sure that does not happen, WAFB is partnering again this year with St. Vincent de Paul and Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning for the Uniforms for Kids campaign. This effort is designed to take some of the pressure off of financially-strapped families as their children start the new school year.
We know that many of you use this as a teaching moment for your own kids, showing them the value of giving to others. You can drop off your gently-used uniforms at any Kean’s location or you can make financial donations at our website, WAFB.com, or directly to St. Vincent de Paul.
This has been a successful campaign for many years that has helped thousands of families, but we couldn’t do it without you. Thank you.
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