Crime Stoppers: Shot for sport?

Peter Gray (Source: BRPD)
Peter Gray (Source: BRPD)
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A bag of groceries is pretty much all he had to his name when he was killed. Why would somebody drive up on him and open fire? Police say it could have been for no reason at all.

"A very kind man. Everyone had kind words for him. He would often walk back and forth to the store, run errands for locals for small change," said Detective Sherri Harris of the Baton Rouge Police Department about Peter Gray.

Gray lived in the area north of Howell Park in Baton Rouge. In October 2013, someone saw it fit to end his live and turn the intersection of North Foster and Sherwood Street into a crime scene.

"It appears on this day he was doing some kind gesture for somebody else," said Detective Harris.

Something he would do all the time. He was homeless with nowhere to go. So he went here and there working odd jobs for a little money.

That night had him walking back from the store down the street. He had a bag with two unopened sodas in it. That's it. It looks as if somebody gunned him down for sport. Just because he happened to be walking by.

"[He] wasn't bothering anyone. Somebody took his life for no reason," said Det. Harris.

That line makes it easy to see, that even a seasoned detective like Harris is impacted by this case. Just senseless. Sometimes people put themselves in bad positions. Sometimes people put themselves in spots where it's easier for something like this to happen. Not in this case. Not him. And still, going on two years, nobody is talking.

"We do need the community, the neighborhood, the businesses to come together" said Detective Harris.

But isn't that what we always need? Isn't that typically the last remaining piece? Let's let this homeless man rest, let's let this man know, he had a home.

Detectives feel they are very close on this one, they just need that one extra detail to connect the dots. Give Crime Stoppers a call at 344-7867.  You will remain anonymous and could be eligible for that reward of up to $2,500.

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