Concertgoers critical over conditions of weekend event at Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou concert goers critical of weekend event

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There was lot of talk about Saturday's concert at Blue Bayou-Dixie Landin. The headlining band drew thousands of fans, but some folks say while the show was great, the conditions at the concert were downright dangerous.

Amateur video showed thousands of people rushing the gates to get the closest spot for the concert.

"The park was packed," said Becky Ford from Denham Springs.

Ford has season passes and took her teenage daughter. She said Blue Bayou is generally a wonderful place to bring the family, but what she said she saw on Saturday is causing her to speak out on a completely different note.

Ford created a Facebook page, wrangling together over 500 people. Dozens of them are making complaints about the event like gates opening an hour and a half late, no crowd control, and no easy access to drinking water which led to dehydrated people passing out. One woman even had a seizure.

"EMS was at the entrance to the park," Ford said. "And as we were even waiting to get in they were wheeling somebody unconscious out of the park."

Pop rock band Panic! at the Disco headlined the show. They're best known for their 2006 hit "I Write Sins Not Tragedies", and they still have millions of young fans like 16-year-old Cheyenne Cloud.

"He did backflips off the stage. I got to see my favorite band in concert and just seeing people so negative about it the day after, it's kind of heartbreaking," said Cloud. "It's like, no, none of that really happened."

Cheyenne's family also has season passes, but unlike Ford, they think complainers are just overreacting.

"I was right there in the middle of fan girls and teenagers everywhere and it was not as bad as everyone is saying," said Shelley Cloud, Cheyenne's mother.

The Gonzales family said they had plenty of space in their reserved seats toward the front. But Ford said to get to her reserved seats, she had to push through a lot of people.

Paramedics said they gave medical treatment to five people, and one of them was taken to the hospital.

In addition to what critics are saying, a Kenner nurse who was there emailed us with more concerns. Lori Olivier said the event had inadequate emergency services, not enough parking, and they let too many people in. There was no limit on admission.

Meanwhile, there is one issue both the Clouds and Fords can agree on.

Ford said thousands of people leaving at the same time created a very scary moment when a bridge connecting the park and an exit began to shake.

"It was like a horror movie, like a house of horrors amusement park ride. Everybody was either crying, making stupid jokes or silently praying," said Ford.

"There was nobody saying, 'Oh, there's too many people on the bridge. We were right in the middle and it was shaking very bad and that was the scariest part of the whole thing," said Shelley Cloud.

Blue Bayou declined to an interview with 9News on Monday.

The next concert at the park is Country music star and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery on Saturday, July 18.

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