Louisiana's weather increases number of potholes

Louisiana's weather increases number of potholes

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - With the recent increased rain over the past several weeks, officials say they're getting more calls and work orders for potholes.

"We have been addressing more potholes this year than in many years past," said Rodney Mallett with the Louisiana's Department of Transportation and Development.

Anyone driving down Government St. knows how bumpy of a ride it is thanks to the potholes and the roadway buckling. Mallett said the potholes are not the biggest problem for that street though, the sections that are buckling are.

"It's more what we call buckling, and that's the concrete that is under the asphalt from the hot weather. It expands. It buckles up," said Mallett.

Because Government St. is a state highway, DOTD is responsible for its maintenance. Mallett said they like to fix any pothole complaints within 24 hours, but added they have not had any complaints for any potholes on Government St. He said they will fix the buckling when they overlay the roadway as part of the Government St. project.

That project will have one lane of traffic in each direction with a turning lane, but Mallett said there is no start date for that project just yet.

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