Baton Rouge woman: 'It looked like a small pool in my home'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A woman is fed up with a Baton Rouge apartment complex after she came home to what she described as a small swimming pool.

Joy Green lives at the Suburban Apartment complex on Hanks Dr. in Baton Rouge. She said when she opened her front door last Saturday every room in her home was covered in water. The majority of her belongings are ruined, and bugs, water stains and mildew spots are everywhere.

Green is the mother who recently lost her 22-month-old daughter, Angel. The child was found dead in a sweltering van at an unlicensed daycare in early June. Last weekend was her first day back at her apartment since Angel's death. She said to see her place in shambles makes the loss of life harder to deal with.

"I just buried my child and that's hard enough, but to try and come home and find out that. I can't its hard," said Green.

Green said before Angel's death she contacted the front office several time about water leaks, but said every time she complained she got a negative response.

"Management always tells me that it's not their responsibility and that I have to tell my neighbor upstairs," explained Green. "Their toilet is overflowing, but I know my neighbor and she isn't a certified plumber."

Green plans to move out soon, but she didn't plan on leaving on such a short notice. She also said she isn't the only person having problems with the apartment complex.

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