Hand It On and Catholic Charities beat the heat

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - For years we've all enjoyed WAFB's Hand It On segments with Greg Meriwether. Well now Greg is "handing it on" to me! The segments will continue to air every Wednesday nights during WAFB 9News at 10. My first one aired Wednesday, July 8, 2015.
I was excited Catholic Charities wanted to be involved again this summer. I met the Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Diocese David Aguillard and member Carol Spruell at Walmart on College where I handed it on to them (money that is). They, in turn, took that money and purchased a window air conditioning unit to 'hand on' to Anna Joseph.
Ms. Joseph is a grandmother raising four grandkids in an un-air conditioned home. Along with her boyfriend of many, many years, Anna is one of six people who live in the house. She places box fans around the house in hopes they will help the ceiling fans create a breeze. But all the fans seem to do is move the hot air around.
David Aguillard loves to actually install the A/C units himself because it affords him an opportunity to get out and meet people in need. The installation went by the book and in just a few short minutes after our arrival, Ms. Joseph was enjoying ice cold air filling up her living room.
She thanked us profusely and chuckled "I'm gonna sleep good tonight!"
Hand It On highlights ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to our community. Thank you to our partners at Catholic Charities of the Baton Rouge diocese for helping to "Hand It On" for the betterment of others.
You can nominate someone for Hand It On by mail or e-mail:
Hand It On
844 Government Street
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

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