Princess dreams come true for cancer-stricken teenager

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sunday turned out to be a dream come true for one Gonzales teen who has been fighting cancer for six years.

She and her family received the royal treatment. From shopping to makeovers and photoshoots, Gracie Lavigne was treated like a princess, living out a dream any teenage girl could have.

"She's a great kid. Six years ago we were devastated with the news that she was diagnosed with cancer," said Brad Lavigne, Gracie's father. "We really didn't know what kind. This past February. We found out that it came back."

Gracie has been fighting a brain tumor for half of her 14-year life. Her family says that she has remained strong through all of the surgeries and treatments. She was chosen to be a princess for a day by the Louisiana State Troopers Association.

"These kids, they're such a ray of sunlight. It's so unbelievable," says Chase Huval of State Police. "They stuff they go through and experience, it's unbelievable. For them to walk around with a smile and go about like nothings wrong, it's rewarding."

Gracie and her family were surprised with a day of pampering, limo rides, shopping, makeovers, and even a photoshoot at the governors mansion.

Becky Prejean: "Days like today, they forget about their chemo, radiation," said Becky Prejean. "This is what we strive for. We want to put so much joy in their life."

As for Gracie, the princess of the hour, she says that she wanted to thank, "The people who came together and did this for me. I can't explain how thankful I am for that."

Ruffinos, Beausoleil, Kenda Scott, Bombshell Boutique, Bellisimo Salon and Avant Tous Beauty Bar and Spa helped with Sunday's activities.

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