Police add murder charge against man accused of kidnapping slain woman's child

Police add murder charge against man accused of kidnapping slain woman's child

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police have added a charge of second-degree murder against the man accused of kidnapping a woman's child after she was murdered.

According to officials with the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, Curtis King, 25, was re-booked on the second-degree murder charge on June 17. He was first booked into the prison for aggravated kidnapping, distribution of schedule 1 drugs, and various warrants for traffic violations.

King is accused of the shooting death of 24-year-old Taylor Latham. She was found dead in her vehicle in May. Her car was parked in the driveway of her home on Louisiana Avenue.

Investigators believe Latham's body sat in the car for at least two days before a passer-by noticed and called police. It was then that investigators realized Latham's 2-year-old daughter was missing.

A desperate search for the child, A'Keyleana, was launched. Roderick Watson, Jr., the child's father, drove to Baton Rouge from his home in Houston to assist with the search.

"Taylor wanted a fresh start after her mother passed away in Texas," said Watson during an interview with WAFB the day of the search. "She said there were too many memories about her mother in Texas, so she moved to Baton Rouge. She has family in Baton Rouge."

Later that same day the child was dropped off outside a woman's shelter.

"You can't put it into words, there's no words for it. It's just joy tears is just happiness there's not a word that you could even find in a vocabulary for when your child comes back home because for a lot of people they never get to see their children again once they leave- never," said Watson after he learned his daughter was safe.

Investigators found surveillance video that helped them identify Daaria Thomas, 22, as the woman who handed the child over to a worker at the women's center.

According to reports, Thomas was King's live-in girlfriend. She allegedly admitted that King brought the child to their home.

Although police never officially stated they suspected King killed Latham, they did note that a future charge was possible.

King has a history of prior charges, including one for the death of his 6-month-old child. He originally faced murder charges in 2013 when his son died. Several months prior to his death, the child had suffered from severe burns caused by being placed in scalding hot bath water.

King will now face a Grand Jury yet again for the death of Taylor Latham. A date for that hearing has not yet been set.

Thomas is still being held in EBR Parish Prison for aggravated kidnapping.

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