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Lawsuit involving former LSU def. coordinator John Chavis heads to court

John Chavis (Source: WAFB) John Chavis (Source: WAFB)

An attorney for former LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis says LSU owes the coach hundreds of thousands of dollars, LSU claims the coach owes it money.

Jill Craft, Chavis' attorney, argued part of the matter Monday in a Baton Rouge courtroom, but the judge made the decision that LSU's lawsuit against Chavis can move forward.

LSU says his early exit from LSU for Texas A&M violated his contract and wants Chavis to pay a $400,000 buyout. 

Chavis, who filed his own lawsuit in Texas, claims LSU still owes him more than $200,000. Craft maintains the buyout part of the contract is bogus.

"LSU never signed the original deal. Chavis never signed the liquidated damages clause, and as far as I'm concerned it's that simple," said Craft. "You can't hold somebody to a contract when you change the deal after the fact. He would've had to agree to it, and he never did." 

Craft plans to appeal Monday's decision, but for now the dispute could be settled in two courts: one in Texas and the other in Baton Rouge.

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