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Good Samaritan installs new AC unit for charity diner

Source: Rick Portier/WAFB Source: Rick Portier/WAFB

A Good Samaritan who saw the 9News story of Bernard Jefferson's kitchen decided to help out.

Previously, Bernard "Mr. B" Jefferson was cooking for hundreds at the Abundant Living Pantry on North Foster without air conditioning because his unit was stolen.

After watching the story on WAFB, Richard Guidry decided to spring into action, replacing Mr. B's stolen air conditioner.

"I understand he's feeding a lot of hungry people, a lot of homeless, and it's the least I can do," says Guidry. "I was given a talent, knowledge, and physical ability to do this sort of thing and just feel like this was something I wanted to do."

Mr. B was moved by the gesture, calling it a "blessing."

Guidry says that he got the new AC unit from a house where he installed a brand new unit.

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