Contact 9: Woman wants new carport removed after failed inspection

Contact 9: Woman wants new carport removed after failed inspection
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It is not uncommon for homeowners in south Louisiana to invest in carports to protect their personal property, but one woman claims it is the worst decision she has ever made.

When the building failed inspection, she said, the company refused to remove it. 

Betty Caddo had her house renovated a few years ago. Recently, she decided to shell out a little extra money to add on a carport.

"I really got it for convenience, where when it rains it won't wet up my clothes and my groceries," Caddo said.  

Caddo said, after doing a bit of research, she made arraignments with Coast to Coast Carports out of Knoxville, Arkansas. When she signed the contract last October, she said, the company representative told her she would have to get a permit from the city before they could begin work.

"I'm like, oh my God, I've got to do all this this?," Caddo said. "Then I was like, good because it's good to have an inspection to make sure you're okay."

One week later, the city issued her a permit for the carport. Caddo put down $131 and agreed to later pay the $1,300 balance under one condition.

"I told them I would not pay any money until the inspection passed, and they agreed to that," she said.

The company also put it in writing on the contract. The carport was installed on March 18, 2015.

Caddo said she was excited about her new addition, until an inspector with the city visited her house the next day.

"When the inspector got out of his truck he looked and said, who put this up? He said, well this is not done right," she said.

On the Permit Inspection report obtained by 9News, the inspector noted the carport failed inspection because the "roof pitch will be draining water on the home," meaning the carport was not positioned properly. Caddo said, when it rains, the water pours between her house and the carport and all over the side of her house.

"It's green. You can see [the house] is pink. That color it turned is green. It's damaging everything," she said.

Not only does she get wet when walking from her truck to her house, she said, the water follows her inside.

"It comes right [by the door], and it cakes up right up in [the foyer]," she said.

Caddo called Coast to Coast numerous times to complain, but said the rep told her even though the carport failed inspection, the money is still due.

Caddo said the company offered to remove the carport for $500, but she is not budging.

"I said I'm not sending you one penny nor 5,000 pennies for what you're asking." she said.

Caddo is worried if the carport remains, her house will continue taking a beating.

"They need to come and get this out of my yard," she said.

Coast to Coast did not return repeated calls from 9News for comment. 

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