Jindal launches campaign, faces tough schedule

Jindal launches campaign, faces tough schedule

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Lucky number 13, Governor Bobby Jindal is the newest candidate to join the presidential race.

From his announcement speech, he's not intimidated by the wide field.

"To be sure, there are a lot of great talkers running for President already. But none of them, not one, can match our record of actually shrinking the size of government," said Jindal at his kickoff event.

Political experts say he will need a fighting spirit to carve out his portion of the national spotlight.

"Most people consider him the longest of the long shots," said national political pollster Ron Faucheaux.

Before his twitter announcement, most GOP polls put him at the bottom of the pack. 

In his speech that took on the familiar rhetoric Louisiana residents hear each session, Jindal made it clear that he would continue to push his conservative goals, including fiercely protecting religious liberty. 

"I'm going to say this slowly so that even Hillary Clinton can understand it. America did not create religious liberty, religious liberty created the United States of America," said Jindal.

Faucheaux says appealing to the evangelical base may not be enough to overcome other GOP candidates who are more well-known and better financed like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.

While Jindal told the crowd that Louisiana is stronger than ever with a smaller budget and more educational options than ever, UNO Political Science Professor Ed Chervenak says Jindal's low approval rating at home may tell a different story nationally. 

"Gross mismanagement of the state's finances, we have a billion dollar sized annual budget deficits, devastating midterm cuts," said Chervenak. 

Still, Jindal made his battle plan clear with focusing on to replacing Obamacare, securing boarders and growing the economy. Chervenak says before he can implement that plan he has to make his mark on the campaign trial.

"Get through Iowa and do better than expected. Then do ok in New Hampshire and try to get to South Carolina where it is a conservative, evangelical constituency," said Chervenak.

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