Man convicted of raping child will be sentenced to life in prison

Man convicted of raping child will be sentenced to life in prison

NEW ROADS, LA (WAFB) - It took a 12-person jury less than half an hour to find Morris Griffin guilty of aggravated rape of one of his young female relatives.

The abuse started when the relative was under the age of 12 and lasted nearly two years. Finally in 2012, the family moved, but lead prosecutor Chad Aguillard said Griffin asked to move closer to the family. That's when the relative spoke up and law enforcement was called.

Aguillard said it took the victim so long to speak up because she was threatened.

"If you tell anybody, I'm going to kill you and your mother so she was faced with that as a reason for not disclosing. He also told her that you will be the bad guy and everybody will hate you and by the way, I will have to go to jail if you tell," said Aguillard. "He told her shut up when he would be doing things that would make her emotionally distraught."

In court, the family rejoiced when Judge James Best read the jury's guilty verdict.

Jury selection began in the case on Monday. The trial started on Tuesday with Aguillard presenting four witnesses including the victim.

"In 10 years prosecuting, this had to be the worst most disgusting factual situation I've ever seen," said Aguillard.

John Aydell was the defense attorney and had no comment.

Griffin's sentencing date is set for August, but in Louisiana, a charge for aggravated rape when the victim is under the age of 13, carries a mandatory life in prison sentence.

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