Baton Rouge animal shelter sets sights on new building at LSU

Baton Rouge animal shelter sets sights on new building at LSU
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(Source: WAFB)
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge animal shelter is getting a fresh start on life.

Sometime next year, the Companion Animal Alliance will begin building a new facility on a plot of land located on the LSU campus.

"I think the new shelter is going to be a much better location, it'll be better for our animals," said Beth Brewster, the shelter's executive director.

The LSU board of supervisors just approved the move last week, agreeing to lease the land to the shelter.

The shelter was in desperate need of a new facility. It's old one located just across from the Baton Rouge Airport is more than 30 years old.

Brewster says the new facility will be "state of the art."

It will include brand new flooring that is easy to clean, sound-proofing, brand new cages, and dividers, so dogs cannot see each other, which may inspire them to bark. There will also be rooms for cats so they can live in small communities and socialize.

Each day over the summer, the shelter brings in between 30 and 50 new animals, many of them strays. Recent reports show they find new homes for about 100 animals each week.

"They deserve a second chance," Brewster said.

The shelter will also be part of its community. LSU veterinary students will be able to shadow and work at the shelter.

"They'll see stuff that they've never seen in vet school."

But, Brewster said, the location will also benefits their main focus: the animals.

"For us to have the expertise of the students and the faculty will be a god-sent for our animals," Brewster said.

The shelter will launch a capital campaign aimed at raising money for the new building soon.

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