Money Monday: Mayor Holden's MAPS program offers financial literacy course

Money Monday: Mayor Holden's MAPS program offers financial literacy course

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The "Making a Positive Step Work Experience" program, or MAPS, is underway in Baton Rouge through EmployBR, in which 75 low-income students in East Baton Rouge Parish are afforded the opportunity to gain work experience.

National certified credit counselor Kimberly Gains led a discussion on financial literacy at one of the program's "empowerment days."

"A budget is a tool, not a restriction," Gains said.

Tyrone Scott, 19, faces the challenge of managing money with every job he takes as he tries to get through college at Nichols State University.

"You know you want to spend it on stuff at the store, but you have other things to pay for like me…I'm in college," Scott said. "So, I'm saving up to pay for stuff I need out there."
Antonique Nixon, 20, is also in the program and hopes to one day be a veterinarian.
"This program, I feel like, is my way to get through the door in the business world," Nixon said.
Even if young people between the ages of 14 and 21 did not make it into the program, Penny Leduff-Collins with EmployBR wants them to know there are free resources available to them at the youth center, which is located at 1520 Thomas H. Delpit Drive. 

"It's always important for our youth to learn when we begin making money…how to manage that money," Leduff-Collins
She encourages families to give the EmployBR Youth Center a call at 225-389-8901 or visit the office during business hours if they are interested in financial literacy workshops. 
"We hope we're giving them an advantage of learning how to do it, why to do it and the importance of doing
it," Leduff-Collins said in reference to money management.
Another website the youth center promotes for career development is the Louisiana Workforce Commission - My Life My Way.

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