Family friend reacts to death of Zachary man tased by police

Family friend reacts to death of Zachary man tased by police

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - 69-year-old Charles Lusk rides his bicycle every day through his Scotlandville neighborhood near Southern University. Sunday, however, there was an emotional cause behind his pedaling.

"I'm going to try to find him an eye witness as to what really happened," said Lusk, a friend of the Bajoie family.

Lusk says he knew 32-year-old Kevin Bajoie, the Zachary man BRPD says died at a hospital Saturday, following a scuffle that ended with police tasing Bajoie.

Police say there was a fight at an apartment building on Avenue C and after officers arrived, Bajoie attacked one of them.

That's when two cops used their Tasers, they say, with non-lethal force.

A police report released Saturday night calls Bajoie's actions "unprovoked", "aggressive" and "erratic".

That's shocking to Lusk. He says Bajoie wouldn't harm a fly.

"He was a nice, little guy. He was a gentleman. I ain't never known him to be in a fight or nothing," said Lusk.

Other neighbors say they've never seen anything like what happened Saturday.

When asked if he would consider moving, one neighbor said that he would. However, Michael Droze answered, ""No, I'm not going to move. I'm sorry that it happened. I thought something had happened to my grandson who I love dearly."

The two BRPD officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

Police say the next update will come from the Coroner's Office, following an autopsy determining the exact cause of death.

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