Livable sculpture in Louisiana to be featured in 'Ultimate Homes'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sculptures are more than cold pieces of art waiting to be admired. For the artist, they're living, breathing works that force people to focus on the beauty all around them. There is one sculpture that is in an unlikely place, and people can actually live in it.

Down an old mud and gravel road through the middle of a swamp lies a bit of raw elegance. Tranquil fountains, original trail markers, and Bayou Fountaine meet a place called Palmetto House, a 650 square-foot house that seems to grow from the blackjack mud.

It's the latest living work by Baton Rouge artist Rigsby Frederick.

"This is the most site-specific sculpture I've done," says Frederick. "God laid it out, and all I did was find a way to accent what he had already done."

It is made almost completely made of salvaged, ancient wood. And everything – from the door frames and the beds cut from sunken cypress, to the polished onyx windows in the shower, to the massive chair hand-carved from a tree-trunk found in the very swamp where the house was built.

"That's a one-cut thing. You can't go to home depot and buy anymore. Everything is pegged through the house. It's all tongue-and-groove. It's done in respect of how handwork has been done through the years."

And now, Rigsby and his wife Sarah are sharing their sculpture with the world as a bed and breakfast.

The home will also be featured Sunday, June 21 on the Discovery Channel show "Ultimate Homes."

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