First responders warn public on dangers of hot cars

First responders warn public of hot car dangers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - First responders are warning parents not to leave their loved ones in cars.

Baton Rouge can get extremely hot during the summer and that could quickly become dangerous, especially if someone leaves their children in the car.

According to, on average nearly 40 kids die in hot cars each year across the country from heat related deaths. Two weeks ago, a 22-month-old died after being left in a vehicle on Prescott Rd in Baton Rouge.

Mike Chutz with Baton Rouge EMS says in no time temperatures in a car can skyrocket to over 130 degrees, and that could be bad news for anyone.

"If someone gets to where they suffer from a heat stroke which occurs around 103 core temperature, there is really no way to recover from that on your own," said Chutz. "You're not going to survive unless you're found quickly."

Baton Rouge Police CPL. L'jean Mckneely says people can face negligence charges if a child or loved one is found left in a vehicle. He says if someone comes across a child left in a car, there are no clear cut guidelines on what the person can do.

"If that person is non-responsive then you have to make a judgment call," said Mckneely.

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