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City of St. George petition fails, comes up 71 signatures short

The Notice of Final Determination The Notice of Final Determination

The petition to incorporate the City of St. George has come up short by 71 signatures. 

The office of the Registrar of Voters released the final petition statistics. The St. George representatives needed 17,859 signatures, but only got 17,788 approved signatures.

Last October, the Incorporation for St. George's Lionel Rainey said they turned in signatures to the East Baton Rouge Registrar of Voters. However, the registrar could only verify 15,165 signatures of the needed 17,859.

According to state law, St. George organizers had 60 days to try and get the rest of the signatures needed. St. George organizers responded by turning in 2,000 more signatures than what was needed.

In a statement on their Facebook page, St. George reps say that they are "reviewing the verification and tabulation process, as well as preparing a legal challenge." They say that there were errors throughout the process, and that the number of signatures obtained exceed the number required for incorporation to go to an election.

The Better Together movement calls this a victory, but does say that the issues surrounding the incorporation threat are valid, with a call for more community involvement in the school system.

Representatives of the St. George effort will now need to wait two years before proposing the idea again.

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