Thousands show up for annual pride festival

Thousands show up for annual pride festival

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Thousands of people from the LGBT community piled into the Baton Rouge River Center for the annual Pride Festival.

The event started this afternoon with food, music, and dance. Tom Merrila, who is the organizer of the festival, said he expected over 7,000 people to attend . He said that's why they moved the festival  from the Belle Casino's atrium to the River Center. Merrila said today was all about celebrating who you are.

"This is the day where we try to bring the community together and say you're important just the way you are," said Merrila.

After meeting at the River Center, attendees marched their way to the state capitol sending the message of equality to lawmakers. One of the many things on people's minds was the right to marriage. The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to make a decision on same-sex marriage later in June.

Derek Penton-Robicheaux is one of the plaintiffs in the same-sex marriage case that's being fought in court in Louisiana. He believes the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the LGBT community.

"I am very confident," said Penton-Robicheaux. "Right now there is a lot of things that led up to where we are now and I just don't see how they can go back on some of those things."

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