Will you 'Farm to Fourth?'

Will you 'Farm to Fourth?'

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Thursday Red Stick Farmers Market at Pennington Biomedical Research Center has something sensational up its sleeve for your 4th of July feast! Why not cook and grill ALL local produce and meats?

Sarah Vincent of "Hooked On Re:" salad dressing and other products is organizing a big tasters fest and grill-a-rama she wants to call "Farm to Fourth".

On July 2nd, Vincent and other Red Stick Farmer's Market favorites like Cutrer's Butchers will run a grill and a smoker.

I actually think it will be torture for the employees at the Pennington Biomedical Center as that smell of grilled meats and veggies wafts over the grounds to the main research buildings there on Perkins Road. "I know I'm hoping to lure them all over," smiled Vincent. Aside from Daniel Thompson at Fresina Pasta smoking delicious brisket that will be served, Saray says "I'm gonna marinate some vegetables and shrimp to put on the grill. A friend of ours at Cutrer's butcher has some hamburger patties he'll put on the grill... In the smoker, we'll be smoking whole chickens..We'll have a lot going on!"

So why not enjoy "Farm to Fourth" July 2nd, at a parking area to the left of the Pennington Biomedical Center on Perkins?

Sarah Vincent knows how to make an eye-grabbing event. The Red Stick Farmer's Market is delighted.

By the way, I could not resist asking the story behind the name of her food company. She said she first made it for her own personal use, but friends kept saying they were "hooked on" it. Vincent took her project to the LSU food incubator.

"They have a beautiful kitchen and we produce our product there." The "RE:" on the end of her logo is because every time someone sent an email to her, they would use "Hooked on" to remind her that her product needed to be open for public sale. Good Luck Sarah Vincent!

She does a demonstration at the Saturday Farmer's Market at 5th and Main once a month. Her next appearance that will be June 20th.

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