Baton Rouge Police announce cure for boredom

Baton Rouge Police announce cure for boredom

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's the perfect cure for the "Momma I'm Bored!" call of the 9-13 years old bunch. Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie has unveiled a series of one-day camps sure to keep things interesting.

He tells me he does not want a parent to think twice about leaving their kid at the camp. "It's a way for us to give the parents a day off; for us to take the kids and introduce them to the police. Let them interact with police in a non-enforcement environment."

The one-day camps take place in the four police districts, "Part of the reason for this is to get officers that work in these communities to meet these kids," Chief Dabadie said. "That was part of it, and by doing it in different sections of the city for our four districts, how our uniform patrol is divided up, it allows them to see the actual police officers who patrol their district."

Each of these locations will have a one-day Cops Care Camp: June 12th, Elm Grove Baptist Church, June 26 Baranco Clark YMCA, July 17 Greater Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Scotlandville, and July 31 at Central Baptist Church.

Chief Dabadie hopes kids will see police employees as friends who protect them, "Were it's just the police being normal human beings and interacting with kids in either enrichment, talk to them about social bullying, bullying in school, and health nutrition tips. What to eat and what snacks not to eat."

After a lunch provided by donors, including the locations where the camps are but local businesses, kids will be wow-ed by police dogs and horses.

Chief Dabadie adds that in the afternoon, "We're gonna have some sports, basketball, kickball, some board games for kids who can't do the other stuff or may be sick and unable to participate."

Kids can look forward to the variety and other children to play with.

The first one is this Friday, at Elm Grove Baptist, but for the future camps, they ask that you register your child either by filling out an application at the site you intend to use, you can turn it in there....or email Remember it's free.....and safe for our kids!

Thanks Baton Rouge Police!

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