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February 9, 2005

Murder of Allen Troy Still a Mystery

Suspect Suspect

Born on Christmas, his family would bury him during the week of Thanksgiving almost 24 years later. The murder of Troy Allen is still unsolved after almost three months, and now Crime Stoppers is asking for your help.

Corporal Robert Schilling describes what happened next. "Witnesses heard some shots ring out.  They pulled to the side of the road and saw a young black male wearing all camouflage run across the road, stop in the middle of Airline Highway and point a pistol back towards the victim, Mr. Allen."

Baton Rouge police have just released a sketch of the gunman the witness says they saw running from the scene.  Police say it looks like Troy was simply pulling into the parking lot to turn around and head back the other direction. He never made it that far.

His Toyota Camry stopped.  Troy Allen lay fatally wounded.  That's when witnesses say another man appeared.

According to Cpl. Schilling, "He approached the victim and said, 'I can't let my boy go down like this.' We don't know if he was referring to the victim or the other suspect at this point."

What they do know is that Troy would later die from his wounds while at Baton Rouge General. His mother, Alma Allen, says it was the most devestating day of her life.

"It's like a hole in my heart and it continues to ache," she said.

Alma says she has no idea what happened that early morning.  She says friends of her son tell her that he went out to get something to eat. His cousin April, whom he grew up with, can't believe somebody would want to hurt Troy. 

"He very kind-hearted," said April.  "He wouldn't lift his hand to hurt you.  If he lifted his hand, it was to give you his legs." 

Troy came from a big family and loved to get together with them, especially around the holidays. His mother remembers a recent message her son gave a friend to pass along to her.

"'Tell my mom I still love her, but I'm working and I'll be home for christmas,'" she read.  "That was last christmas, and I was looking for him."

There won't be any more Christmas's with her son, and she wants your help in answering why. If you have any information on Troy Allen, or if you think you may recognize the man in the sketch, please call Crime Stoppers at 344-STOP. You can remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward of up to one thousand dollars.

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