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Neighbors express disbelief over death of infant at daycare

22-month-old Angel Green (Source: WAFB) 22-month-old Angel Green (Source: WAFB)
Left: Shelia Newman, Right: April Wright (Source: EBRSO/WAFB) Left: Shelia Newman, Right: April Wright (Source: EBRSO/WAFB)

Alfred Hickman and his neighbors are in disbelief after hearing the news that 22-month-old Angel Green died after being left inside a van at a home on Prescott Road.

"Man, it's a tragic and unfortunate accident you know," says Hickman.

Baton Rouge Police Corporal Don Coppola says detectives believe two women, Shelia Newman and April Wright, were running an illegitimate daycare.

"They loaded multiple kids up to take them off site for a lunch outing," says Coppola. "They returned to the daycare, assumed that all of the children exited the van, but never checked if all of the kids were out."

Coppola says Newman left the daycare to pick up two more children. She then came back and put the kids to sleep. When the children woke from their nap, Newman and Wright noticed little Angel was missing. That's when investigators say the woman found the infant inside of the van unresponsive.

Coppola says the two did not have a licence to run a daycare. What's worse, investigators say Newman tried to cover up Angel's death.

"Prior to police being called, Newman had got with Wright and told her to falsify statements that were told to police," says Coppola.

Police say Newman lives at a home across the street from the daycare.

Hickman, who lives next door to Newman. He didn't expect this.

"She really loved those kids and she was a nice person," says Hickman.

He also says that it's a reminder just how precious life is.

"Yeah, you have to be careful when you have kids in your care."

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